How To Love a Lady

Confession of a ladies man

I admire confident women.  In fact, I find confident women extremely sexy.  Women have always been an indispensable part of my adult life.  I’ve had women partners in business; many women clients; several platonic friendships; a few fantasy relationships; and a forty-year marriage to a confident, sexy lady.

Women have always been more important to me than men.  If more women had played golf, I might have taken it up.  Men, for the most part, are boring.  They are interested business; ogling women without honoring them; talking about sports; and that’s about it.

Women have myriad interest – theater, music, food, nature, reading, etc.  And for the most part, are pretty, smart, and wily.  I like wily women.  Though I never expected to be thrust back into the dating scene, the death of my wife created a serendipitous opportunity for me to meet more women.

Women also have better stories than men because somewhere along the way they got mixed up with the wrong guy or guys – that hardly ever happens to a guy – and lived to tell about it.  Women in the workplace have it tougher than do men because they are often working for survival, as well as for achievement, and usually don’t get paid as much as men in similar positions. Men typically work for ego satisfaction.  Women, who work for ego, though often pretty, are not nearly as attractive as women who do otherwise.

Women who try to dress like men are also a turnoff.

Most women want to be treated like a lady in public and in private.  Most men don’t get that.  Thoughtfulness is the characteristic that most women want in a man.  Though in most surveys, they say it is a sense of humor.  That’s a cop out because most women don’t think men are capable of thoughtfulness unless they are reminded to be so. Thoughtfulness must go beyond flowers and cards. It’s how did things go at the gynecologist today?

Respect is also a characteristic that women find attractive in men.  Respect, however, is not treating a woman as a man.  It is treating a woman as a lady whether she is or not.  By respect, I mean honoring the differences between the sexes by tuning into her interest and circumstance and showing more than a passing concern.

Women like intelligent conversation, sensual conversation, genuine passion and well-timed playfulness. Under the right circumstances, they like having sex as much as they enjoy making love – another fact that most men don’t understand.

I like soft, confident, assertive women, not haughty, aggressive women, gold diggers or women who act like men.  And for the most part, the kind of women I like, like me because I am thoughtful, respectful, intelligent, funny, and playful.  And I like making love and having sex, just as much as do women.

I am also entertaining to a fault.

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