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Crisis Management

Business/Media Relations: What to do when Morley Safer calls    In a world where information is power, it is important for successful business people to

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Five Stages and Myths of Business

STARTUP STAGE:  The owners are the business Problems:  Customers/service/cash Process:  Owners do the work Organization: Simple Planning:  Minimal/tactical Objective:  Experience/stay alive Customers: Owners know them

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Using Theory in Planning

In his world-changing book, Out of the Crisis (MIT,1986), Dr. W. Edwards Deming says that experience alone, without theory, teaches management nothing about what to

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How to Solve Problems

Leaders have responsibility for ensuring the future.  The present should be out of their hands, out of their reach.  Managers and workers secure the present. 

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How to Think

When You Close Your Eyes When you close your eyes, your mind automatically opens.  It is in the darkness of the mind where true illumination

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