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Integrity in the Workplace

Saturday lunchtime with my 4-year-old grandson is often the highlight of my week.  His incessant questions are as stimulating as any raised by my colleagues,

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New Social Contract

“Each of us puts his person and all his power in common under the supreme direction of the general will, and, in our corporate capacity,

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CEO – Lighten Up!

Why is it you pay your employees the least amount of money it takes to keep them on the job?  Why is it you agree

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The CEO is Dead

Saturn was one of three Titans who ruled the universe.  He was also the father of Zeus who defeated the Titans and became ruler in

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Leadership Mettle

A manager, according to the Handbook of the American Management Association, is one whose power is derived from the position he or she holds and

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Leading Organizations

 “ Leaders have a significant role in creating the state of mind that is  society.” –John Gardner If You Cannot See, You Cannot Lead Leadership

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Profiling People

Profiling Works If you could read the minds of colleagues, prospects, job applicants, team members, judges and juries, clients, sales people, and others with whom

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Planning From the Future

Time Is An Arrow “In this world the passage of time brings increasing order.  Order is the law of nature.  If time is an arrow,

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