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Category: Essays

Watch Out For Black Swans

Black Swans were discovered by the expedition of William de Viamingh on the west coast of Australia in 1697. Discovery of the black swan created

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Political Season Warning

Watch out for the straw man   Watching the debates reminded me of a communication ploy to which those who hold similar views to the

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My Mother

My mother, Eva Alene Craddock Womack Allen was born mannerly, with a vocabulary that would shame Webster. She attributed her noteworthy social skills to the

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The Cycle Of Success Success is something you feel and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and currencies. Just think about all the successes you’ve

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Man Versus Beast

Gus and Rhett, a Black Lab and a Golden, romped together in my backyard for almost a decade. After a few years of access to

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Straw Man Season

BEWARE! “We must do everything within our power to stop the War on Christmas!” During the Christmas season, we often hear or see persons who

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I've Got Your Back

Often when my wife was at the stove cooking supper, I would creep up behind her and give her a surprise hug; sometimes around her

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Ten Virtues I Live By

You have to be present to win Be in Service – It is better to serve those you know than to give alms to the poor. Be

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The Good Sandwich

When my wife died, I became my ninety-year old stepmother’s primary care person. Though I didn’t bring the same nurturing support as my wife, Erbie and I developed a delightful relationship and truly enjoyed the pleasure of one another’s company.

Because she was hard-of-hearing, I would sit with her until she was called in for the treatment.

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