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Category: Religion/Philosophy

Reply To Martin Luther

I continue to struggle with my faith, especially when I witness suffering in others. How can God ordain misery? Why would he include it in his plan? Though

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Last Stop Heaven

After my first wife died in January 2004, I was fortunate to become the caregiver for my ninety-year-old stepmother, Erbie Womack. This included escorting her

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The Desert Outside Mecca

That fate filled night when Muhammad stood on a mountain in the desert outside Mecca and received the first revelation of the Koran, he became

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Watch Out For The Black Swans!

by Black Swans were discovered by the expedition of William de Viamingh on the west coast of Australia in 1697. Discovery of the black

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The Powers Of Magical Thinking

The late Erwin Schrödinger was a renowned quantum theorist. In German, Schrödinger means potty particles. An important law in the quantum world is that all possibilities, even

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Waving Goodbye to Noah

  The rain had stopped, after pouring on and off for a fortnight. Water covered the floor of Aaron’s hut. Even though Aaron was over 300

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The Soul of a Monkey

The rains started. The humidity inflamed his hips and knees, especially the knee he had injured in his youth. This was one of those days

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