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Category: Short Stories

Voice In The Mist

The fog consumed the night. Scores of tree frogs randomly punctuated the tense silence. Occasionally fragments of the fog would come loose and splash into

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Ray’s Leg

Decoration Sunday is an annual ritual in the mountains of rural Tennessee. Families arrive on the day before with hoes and shovels for a graveyard

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Peach Tree Tea

* 1992 * The only light in the bedroom seeped in from the hallway. As Danny entered, his shadow passed over Charles resting in the

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Rotary Club Speech

by May 18, 1995 Pulaski Tennessee Rotary Club Speech  Thank you for inviting me to speak with you today.  I’m aware of the great

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Endless Journey

By As he sits on the small day bed, his rough hands fumble to open the tiny locket.  Though he knows its contents well,

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Cottonwood Jesse

By Jesse took one of the wooden barrels off the running board of the old truck and doused a corner of the fire.  The

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The Life of Jimmy

My Brother Jimmy as told by Eddie McFee Jimmy knew the Good Book so well; he could have been a preacher.  He was kilt when

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