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In college, I formed a dance/jazz group that remained intact until I stopped playing altogether in 1976. I was fortunate to play in a variety of venues around the country. For most of its life, the group was known as the Larry Womack Combo.

Jack Slaughter, the trumpet player and I were members throughout. Dick Foust was the best and last bassist and Al Deleonibus was the best and last keyboard player. Al also played accordion. I sang, played drums and vibraphone.

All of the sounds on these recordings were either generated by me using GarageBand with an M-Audio keyboard or samples from other recordings sweetened with keyboard-produced sounds. This is my homage to Al, Jack, Dick and the others once known as members of The Larry Womack Combo.

Music Title

Mean Love (1957)

AT Last

Fools Rush In

You Belong to Me

Nearness of You


Drink Muddy Water

Stormy Monday

Sentimental Reasons

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